Halloween Inflatables

Halloween Inflatables

We manufacture Halloween inflatables in the USA.

If you need or WANT a Halloween inflatable please take a look. If you don’t see what you need please contact us. We manufacture custom giant inflatables and can make almost any design you need.

We have giant Halloween inflatables available for sale or rent. Giant 25 ft. tall jack o’lantern inflatables and giant 7 ft. in diameter jack o’lantern helium balloons work well for business promotions. Halloween is a huge holiday in the USA and businesses can use this fact to help market their business.

jack o'lantern Halloween helium balloon

7 ft. Jack o'lantern Halloween helium balloon

Looking for a special Halloween inflatable? See what the latest is in Halloween inflatables and Halloween balloons.

Witch shape cold-air Halloween inflatable

20 ft. Witch Halloween Inflatable

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Gemmy Industries 23623 Airblown Inflatable Animated Black Cat

Halloween Inflatable – Black Cat

Please Note: Products are designed and rated for use in the United States using 120 volt current. With or without a transformer, this product is not recommended for use outside the US. Black cat measures 6′ x 4′ when inflated. Cat lights up while the head moves back and forth. Easy set up. Inflates in seconds. Lights up. Includes stakes and tethers. Head moves back and forth. Made of weather resistant nylon. UL Listed AC Adapter plugs into any standard outlet. AC Cord is approximately 5′ long. Features a heavy duty fan at the base to inflate product. Deflates when unplugged. For indoor/outdoor use. Instructions are included.

List Price:$104.99


You save:$30.29

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11.5 Foot Inflatable Halloween Carriage + Pumpkin + Spider Yard Decoration

Halloween Carriage with Pumpkin and Spider Inflatable

With self-inflating design, this Inflatable will be presented in front of your family in seconds. With the lights, it is the perfect decoration at your front door or backyard at night. Worried about storage? Simply let the air out and fold it! Caution: Do not inflate during storms or strong winds. Protect fan and power cord from water. Not for use in temperatures below 14 degrees F (or -10 degrees C). Not for children under 3 years. Please check out our other GOT INFLATABLES Halloween and Christmas Decorations! Share the joy of the wonderful festival with Halloween INFLATABLES.

List Price:$219.99


You save:$60.99

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Boys Inflatable Sumo Wrestler Halloween Costume

Apparently the “E.” in “E Honda” stands for Edmond! Who knew? If you’re looking to be a yokozuna in the future or maybe just for Halloween night, then the Boy’s Inflatable Sumo Costume is the get-up to pick up for Halloween this year. The mighty sumo is one of the best fighters in all of the world. Their style belongs alongside all of the other great martial arts of the world such as kung fu, Muay Thai, ya?l? güre?, or even bullfighting. And while sumo wrestling might not be the best it certainly is the biggest! (It also has the coolest ceremonial dances, but that is neither here nor there).

Also, I’ve got another E. Honda question: Why was he both a sumo wrestler AND a TV cameraman in the movie? That doesn’t make sense. That does not make sense. If you love sumo wrestling then the Boy’s Inflatable Sumo Costume is the outfit to get for this Halloween!

List Price:$48.00


You save:$21.05

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Halloween Decorations 12′ Tall Airblown Halloween Inflatable Witch with Cape

Great Halloween Decor!

List Price:$75.00

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Inflatable Football Goal Post Drink Cooler

Measures 6ft 4in tall and holds approximately 60 12oz cans.

List Price:$13.90


You save:$6.95

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